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STEMTeach Mastery Modules is a Course

STEMTeach Mastery Modules



Full course description

Welcome to STEMTeach Mastery Modules – your gateway to enhancing your teaching skills and capabilities. Designed specifically for academic staff like you, these modules offer a range of self-paced learning experiences to support your professional development journey.

What to Expect:

Each STEMTeach Mastery Module is meticulously crafted to develop specific skills essential for effective teaching. From applying cognitive neuroscience to overcoming student resistance to learning, our modules cover a wide array of topics tailored to meet your needs.

How They're Laid Out:

You can easily navigate through our modules directly from this main page. Below, you'll find sections for each domain of the Educator and Researcher Capability Development Framework. Within each domain, you'll discover sections for individual capabilities, followed by headings for each stream and suite. Simply click on the module name to view its detailed overview and get started on your learning journey.

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