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Employers are looking for graduates who have more than a university qualification – they want individuals who can demonstrate communication, teamwork and time management skills, who can problem solve and be adaptable.

RMIT Plus is a self-paced program that helps you to build these practical, transferable skills.

The program will recognise your current endeavours and introduce you to new activities, such as volunteering, mentoring and networking opportunities, industry and career activities, and self-development experiences.

In the RMIT Plus program, you will: 

  • identify your personal and professional strengths and skills, and areas you would like to improve on
  • set an achievable life or career goal
  • create and begin a personal action plan towards achieving these goals
  • participate in a range of self-selected co-curricular or life experiences, at your own pace
  • use reflection techniques to unpack learning experiences, create new ways of thinking and doing, and build your confidence in life and work
  • learn how to communicate your RMIT Plus experiences and skills to potential employers


  • meet other students, network with industry, and connect with career educators
  • receive a RMIT Plus digital certificate and acknowledgement on your Academic Transcript upon successful completion of the program

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